About Jennifer

About Jennifer

I help people find their Truth and the Faith to Experience it.

IMG_1103 copyWhy?

Because once upon a time, I took a Leap of Faith based on my Truth and the support I felt along the way was life-changing.  What I’ve seen unfold since then has been nothing short of magical.  These days, the magic seems to quadruple when I pay the support I receive forward.

And because it's fun!

When you dare to believe that the voice inside your heart is telling you the truth about where you want to go, I want to be there.

My Truth

My certifications say I’m a Master Life & Equus Coach.
One who likes to talk, doodle and play with horses.
My past says I was a Corporate Executive.
The Truth is that I’m a blend of all of that with a little “woo woo” thrown in.

I like to call myself a Dream Facilitator.
My left-brained business-self now believes in magic.
I still believe in the practicality of waking up each day to get stuff done.
I believe life is an awe-inspiring experience when we blend the two together.

I believe when we walk with one foot in the spiritual realm and one foot on earth,
we make this world a better place.

I believe that when we ignore our Truth and forget that we are part of a whole,
we get lost.

Simply put, I believe that when we know, embrace, and live by our own Truth,
life becomes one hell of a ride.

Why do I believe this?

Because I’ve been watching my life (and my clients’ lives) unfold for years now.
I have too much evidence to believe anything to the contrary.

Laughing at M&GThat’s why I love helping others

Create their own Truth Experiences,
Connect with their Divine power,
Remember how to play,
Love the life they are creating,
And Manifest their wildest dreams.

I am also a fan of

Belly Laughter over Prim and Proper,
Spirituality over Religion,
Playing Smart over Working Hard,
Bravery over Retaining the Status Quo,
And Alabama Football.  Roll Tide.


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Photos Credit: Header - Jennifer Voss; Friends - Diane Hunter; Laughing Photo: Yasmin Shawamreh