Does SIZE Really Matter?

Does SIZE Really Matter?

October 13, 2011

In last week's blog I wrote:

The “Go big or go home” rule does not apply in my version of this game.  What matters is to show up and play.

This invited some fun discussion and perspectives to consider. One question stayed with me and stirred me to ponder it further:  Does not having to “Go big” encourage people to “Play small?”

Well…  it depends upon your definition of playing small.

If “playing small” is synonymous for shrinking away from your full potential for any reason, then that is not what I mean here. At no time have I experienced the exhilaration of playing while also diminishing my value or sticking my light under a bushel.  

On the other hand, if “playing small” means making bite-size, obtainable moves toward your dreams and goals, then play on!  There is no "big or small" measuring stick in my version of this game.  In fact, attempting to "play big" will drive me to overwhelm and halt play faster than a streaker bolting across a ball field.

All evolutions begin with a step, a tweak, an idea on the back of a napkin, or a choice to live with love rather than fear.  Forward momentum ignites with one small step after that.  Continued forward motion happens with nourishment between moves and the ability to stay in the place of playful observation and curiosity.  Most importantly, all evolutions are not "big."

It's possible that all of these steps will add up to something "big" in the eyes of the world one day, but is that really the point?  To me, the point is consciously making the decision that I want to play and not go home and hide.  I choose to play. I choose to embrace what is small and live life in a sustainable way.  The desire to create a flow of sustainable living has been its own "small step evolution" in my heart that is now manifesting in my life!

It looks something like this:

Showing up

+  Consciously choosing the next move

+  Letting go of the outcome

 =  Flow

Then I choose to play again honoring my natural cycle of rest, create, move, celebrate.  Repeat.

Oh, and when that next move seems elusive, choose the step that feels most like love.

 "We can do no great things, only small things with great love." ~ Mother Teresa


In Truth & With Love,




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