Equus Coaching Workshop: Living in Alignment with Your Values

Equus Coaching Workshop:
Living in Alignment with Your Values
(When the Rest of the World Seems to Be Falling Apart!)

Facilitated by Renee Sievert, Erin Cutshall, & Jennifer Voss
Dates to be announced soon! 

There is a way to strengthen your own internal value system and navigate the wild energy of today's world with grace.
Join us for a day with some horses and practice how to:
  • Remain centered when the rest of the world seems to be falling apart;
  • Navigate the chaotic energy of our times with integrity;
  • Stay grounded in a sense of well-being; and
  • Honor your values and boundaries when others' actions aren't in alignment with your belief systems.

Practice all of this with the help of a horse.

Our values and character strengths are what help us get through chaos and change. If we want to be authentic, show up, and be seen, the only thing we can take with us into the arena is clarity of values.

Each participant will have an opportunity to take the VIA Character Strengths Survey before this workshop. Through interactions with coaches and horses, you will discover how our values can clarify and enhance our talents (innate abilities), skills (proficiencies we have developed) and resources (our external supports). Learn more about the VIA (click here).

Through a unique combination of horse feedback and coach guidance, you will notice an immediate shift in the way you connect with yourself and others.


  • No prior horse experience is necessary.
  • You will not be riding horses! All exercises are on the ground.
  • Refreshments, lunch and materials are included.
  • Lodging suggestions and ranch address will be sent with confirmation of registration.


  • Registration $646 per person

Questions? Contact: Jennifer@TruthExperience.net


*This workshop meets the Pre-requisite for the Koelle Institutue Equus Coach Training.