Evolution of Self-Love

Evolution of Self-Love

November 18, 2011

Editor's Note:  I'm thrilled to be launching a new guest blog series this week!  Once a month (or so), a blogging friend will share a Truth Experience story or Ground Truth moment that has helped them reinvent, renew, or rewrite a piece of their lives.  This is a guest post from my friend and fellow coach Deb Droz.  Thank you, Deb, for sharing this!

Little girl self-love...
Wishing for boobs, stuffing bra with Kleenex before church (getting caught!)
Thinking calves too skinny, doing exercises to build them up
Sneaking on eye makeup (getting caught!)
Crushes on boys, imagining kissing
So eager to be a teenager
Comparing, despairing

Teenage self-love...
Wishing for boobs
Hating my stomach, dieting at 13
Permanently learned calorie counts
for every item of food in existence
Bikinis, Mini-skirts, Hot-pants
So eager to be an adult
Comparing, despairing

Adult self-love...
Wishing I could lose 3 pounds (THREE!!!) before wedding
Stomach not flat enough
Resigned to my boobs - no - starting to actually like them
Watching years pile on my body, wishing I looked younger
Comparing, despairing

Pregnant self-love...
OMG - loving my stomach!
Eating for two, mindfully
Did I mention cleavage?!
In awe... no compare, no despair

Wife/Mom self-love...
Gain weight
Lose weight
Love with the lights off
Wishing I was younger
Comparing, despairing

Mature Woman self-love (ok, ok... Older woman)...
Still a wife, still a mom
Healthy food, moderate exercise
Thankful... for my loyal body, softer, rounder...
Comfortably sexy
Love in daylight
Comparing to the me 10 years from now...
Appreciating what is
No despair

Grateful, joyous, loving, abandon... Loved 

Deb Droz is a life coach helping women navigate little (and not so little) transitions. She can show you how to let your inner guidance be more of a leader in your life so it’s the life you relish - and REALLY live, working with you mind, body, and spirit to facilitate these shifts in a safe and supportive environment.

Deb is a new empty-nester, living in San Jose with her perfect-for-her husband, her favorite-mostly-at-college son, and  her beautiful beagle, Cleo...whose only flaw is that she continues to eat her own poop

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mites November 26, 2011 at 11:03 am

Life just gets better and better, a lovely outlook…I like it


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