Kairomancy in Motion

Kairomancy in Motion

~ 1-Day Equus Coaching Experience
~ October 28th, 2017

~ Facilitated by Jennifer Voss and the horses at STAR
~ Knoxville, TN

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Are you ready to play with synchronicities and everyday magic?

Join me and a small group of fellow dreamweavers to dabble in the fine art of kairomancy—the art of navigating through synchronicity.

What is Kairomancy, you ask?

Kairomancy is a term coined by Robert Moss in his book Sidewalk Oracles. He uses this term to describe the practice of navigating life by synchronicity and making magic by seizing those special serendipitous moments and learning to trust their guidance.

This past summer, I spent some time playing the games from Sidewalk Oracles with a group of friends in a small virtual book club. As the stories of serendipity and chance were shared, I began pondering how fun it would be to play some of the games in person.

As luck would have it, in my work with horses (and through playing these games), I’ve come to find that I don’t have to wait for life to offer me those moments! I can create them!

With this realization, the idea of gathering together a small group of Kairomancers to play with horses was born.

Who is a Kairomancer?

Anyone who believes in synchronicity, expects the unexpected, loves surprises, and relishes special moments.

"If you can avoid type A personality disorder and are not allergic to surprises (or horses), you may find things and people coming together in unusual ways, giving you, at least, the gift of a fresh story."

 – Robert Moss, Sidewalk Oracles


Step into an arena with a horse and see

  • that you live in a world where everything is connected,
  • how the way you show up magically impacts the environment around you,
  • how synchronicity can happen when you open yourself up to playing with it, and
  • that you can create a fresh story in a day outside with a few new friends.

Workshop Logistics & Pricing:

Dates & Schedule
10:00am to 4:00pm Saturday, October 28th
Lunch & drinks are included.
We will do our best to wrap up by 4:00pm.
The horses help facilitate the learning journey and we sometimes find ourselves in a spot that is too juicy to cut short!

Workshop Location
STAR:  Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding
3312 Tipton Station Road
Knoxville TN 37920

Directions from Google Maps, MapQuest, and other popular GPS devices are all accurate.

Workshop Fee
$645 per person

Other Details

  • Limited to 6 participants.  Only 3 spots left!
  • No horse experience needed!
  • The horse activities will take place on the ground and there is no riding during the workshop.
  • Lunch, assorted drinks and snacks are included.
  • Breakfast, dinner, lodging and transportation to and from the facility are not included.

I hope you will join me for the magic!


If you have any questions about magic, horses, or whether this is a fit for you, please email me!  Jennifer@TruthExperience.net

Cancellation Policy

Due to the costly non-refundable nature of reserving venues for various events and the limited spaces available in workshops, a cancellation made 30 days or less from the dates of an event is non-refundable. Fifty percent of the event fee will be refunded for a cancellation made between 60 to 31 days prior to a scheduled event. Any cancellation made 61 days prior to a schedule event is fully refundable minus any processing fees. Please note, that should you need to cancel every effort will be made to apply any non-refunded amount to a future event.