The Art of Being A Coach

The Art
of Being a Coach

The Foundation Series

Mondays | October 17, 2016 through November 21, 2016| 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern

universe-1044107_1920Join Master Coaches Jennifer Voss & Jessica Steward for an intimate 6-week workshop to get hands-on support answering those simple questions in your life as a coach and entrepreneur: Who am I as a coach? What gifts was I brought here to use? What is my mission oving forward? And how the hell am I going to get there?

Is this program for you?

Jennifer and Jessica have created a powerful, insightful, and transformative program for six (6) motivated coaches who are ready to:

  • Create a more meaningful and prosperous coaching practice.
  • Build a business that reflects your deepest values and your greatest gifts as a coach in order to help you fulfill your most important mission in the world.
  • Create a strong foundation for your coaching practice that helps you connect more deeply to the heart and soul of your business on an ongoing basis.
  • Develop a practical (and magical) plan to bring forth your gifts as a coach to the world.

Program Overview:

  • 6 coaches only
  • 6 weeks total
  • 4 powerful topics
  • 90-minute classes each
  • Private moderated Facebook group

Everyone who participates will walk away with:

  • A deep understanding and clarity of how your values and your unique life experiences are the foundation of a healthy coaching practice that will grow with you.
  • A clear sense of your “energetic calling card” as a coach. This will help you articulate your unique gifts as a coach and offer insight and direction in your mission.
  • A concrete way to articulate your work in the world and a clear sense of who you serve and how you serve them.
  • A fun and practical plan for moving the vision of your life’s work forward, one small step at a time.

Program Details:

During our time together, we will cover the following topics over the six weeks. We have designed the course so that every participant will walk away with a very clear understanding of their strengths and talents, plus a concrete plan to move forward in bringing those gifts to the world. There will be pre-work for class one and homework for all remaining classes.

Topic 1: Who Am I? (The Timeline of Your Life)

Together, we’re going to create a timeline of your life. We’ll look to the past for clues, signs, and common patterns in your life’s experiences to garner insight into who you are and who you are meant to serve as coaches. We’ll help you understand where you came from and what you value in your life now as a result and exactly why that is important!

Topic 2: What gifts was I brought here to use? (Your Energetic Calling Card)

We’ll look at the threads that weave throughout the timeline of your life— the patterns that run through the peaks and valleys of your life’s experiences—and overlay them with what you value in your life. Surprise! This is, ultimately, what your ideal clients value in their own. During this topic, you will work one-on-one with Jennifer and Jessica to get your energetic calling card “read” and articulated. This will give you a clear sense of how your strengths and talents are your gifts in the world.

Topic 3: What is my mission moving forward? (Your Beloved Clients)

In this topic, we will pull together your life’s experiences with your gifts and guiding values to help you connect with a powerful vision of your ideal client. We’ll explore who you serve and how you serve them in order to create a clear sense of what your mission is to help motivate and inspire you, as well as give you a sense of how to use your energetic calling card to practically connect with them.

Topic 4: How the hell am I going to get there? (The Path Forward)

In this final topic, Jennifer and Jessica will help you embody your energetic calling card to give you clear sense of the thread that is pulling you forward into the future and a plan to get there.

Using a powerful graphic coaching tool, we will map out the vision of your ideal future using your energetic calling card to create a concrete (and fun!) plan for moving your business forward.

And for those that need it: Jennifer, as a recovering MBA, will give you a simple tool for budgeting programs and offerings and Jessica, as a proud former Product Manager, will give you a simple planning template for developing your service portfolio.

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This program is a powerful way to get hands-on support in a loving group environment to find meaning in your work and connect with your gifts to bring that work to the world. Together, with Jennifer and

universe-1044106_1920Jessica’s expert and loving guidance, we will help you own the power of your life’s story and find meaning from your life’s experiences. We’ll also help you create a strong and sure foundation for your business right now, as well as powerful and thrilling vision for your future, plus a practical plan to move forward.

This is our Original Medicine.
We help coaches and healers find meaning in their work, so that they can bring that work to the world in a meaningful way.  Let us help you find the clarity and confidence in connecting with your own inimitable gifts, as well as the peace in knowing you are supported by two loving Masters in the process.

Classes take place Mondays, beginning October 17, 2016 through November 21, 2016.

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