Jennifer Voss is a delightful coach who will make you lighter, in every sense of the word.  She specializes in helping people live healthy lifestyles, starting with the way they think.  Because her methods go so deep, they'll lead you out of the frustrating loop of commitment and collapse, and into a lifestyle that keeps your mind and body working the way they should--effortlessly.

~ Martha Beck ~ Best-selling author and monthly columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine


These are unsolicited e-mail snippets and success stories directly from my one-on-one and group coaching clients.  Handcrafted testimonials are great (and there are some at the end of this page), yet the power of the Truth Experience is revealed more fully through direct feedback from clients who are in the midst of the Experience itself.

A friend was asking what exactly you "did"...

Dear Jennifer,
Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance on the path of this journey so far.  My joy and excitement about this unfolding vision is directly attributable to your gentle, unwavering belief in me.  A friend was asking what exactly you "did" for NewCo, essentially asking me to tease out the threads of "you versus me."  My first reaction was to look at her astounded and reply, "Well, everything!"  In stepping back, of course, what I mean, and what you know, is that the passion lies dormant inside each one of us, covered by layers of fear, sludgy self-judgement, and feelings of being judged by others.  It takes your gifts to pull that passion out and gift it life, piece by piece.  I have the image of a magician pulling a long, multi-colored scarf endlessly out of someone's mouth.  So thank you and bless you!
~  Bettina Slusar, Founder of NewCo

This experience gave me so much more compassion…

I'm still somewhat baffled by the intensity of my experience being coached yesterday. The whole notion that I'm not as in touch with my emotions as I have led myself to believe opens my mind.

Absolutely mind blowing. This experience gave me so much more compassion for my clients, when they're lost in their stories and/or their grieving. It was like I opened a vein of tears that simply needed to be shed. And yes, my headache abated, along with the grief.  I'm reminded today of an Ojibway quote. Something like "I was buried in self-pity and all the time the sky was carrying me."

So today I see the sky, and the good news is that I didn't fog out and survived my feelings while the sky carried me. ~ SB, Coaching Client

Thank you so very, very much...

Jennifer, I got more out of one hour on the phone with you yesterday than in 6 months of weekly therapy with my last therapist! Thank you so very, very much.... I appreciate you seeing and understanding my shifts not as bipolar but rather as honestly expressing the contradictions of my thoughts and experiences. I especially appreciate the practical tool you gave me - I am using my body compass to evaluate and determine bag, barter, better... I just love you, and I feel so honored and grateful for your presence and your help. ~ Lynn

I have been feeling so positive today…

Jennifer, I have been feeling so positive today—it was an easy feeling to summon up this morning. Just thinking about clearing out space in my house feels so positive. And I love the visualization we did together—I am really connecting with the vision of my future self—and can really see that future self as a loving, kind ally who is totally on my side today. And the notes you just sent are fabulous! It will be the center piece of my vision board. I love seeing it all mapped out in color. Thank you for taking the time to write it up. Love,   ~ PC, Coaching Client

ps: You have very cool handwriting!

It feels deep…

I needed to eat lunch after the class and I thought about running to Chick-Fil-A but decided a chicken and avocado sandwich at home sounded much more delicious than fries - who IS this person???  This stuff isn't necessarily fast but it feels deep.  When do I get to write a testimonial for you?!?! ~ LF, Coaching Client

I feel completely UNLEASHED...

J - you ROCK!!!  (just in case you weren't sure...)

I am on SUCH a high from this! Just cleaned out the garage - 5 garbage bags worth!!!!   I couldn't BELIEVE how much I got done...and with energy and joy!  I've been "meaning to" get to the garage for oh, about a year now?  Really want to de-clutter because the sloggy, hungry, stuffed, small, downtrodden, cluttery thing that I was is no longer my reality....

Here's a little testimonial for you:  "I feel completely UNLEASHED!" ~ CL, Coaching Client

It has meant everything…

…my heart is pounding as I just hit the send button on the class e-mail.  Fingers-crossed...  THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT.  It has meant everything. BIG hug!  ~ LF, Fellow Life Coach

I cannot ever thank you enough…

I am working with a home health company and I love it.  Most of our patients are special needs children and their families or the older folks just needing personal care.  When I am finally able to fit the right nurse or aide with the right family and I have the family thank me, it is so worth it!!!  All the things you told me are true and money doesn't make you happy, but what is in your heart does.  I cannot ever thank you enough and feel so lucky to call you my friend. ~ AB, Former Corporate World Co-Worker

It totally hit the spot...

Unbelievable what you wrote... it totally hit the spot.  This process is so incredible; it's like you grow your brain and your heart at the same time. ~ JS, Career Transition Client

I am so grateful...

My older brother e-mailed this to me this morning!

Words to live by:
“Finish each day and be done with it.
You have done what you could.
No doubt some blunders and absurdities have crept in.
Forget them as soon as you can.
Tomorrow is a new day, and you will begin it well and serenely.”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I totally agree, but I have to add that some people can do this better than others. Sometimes I get stuck. I am so grateful that you are my coach and can help me unfreeze and get connected with God and all that is good again.

Words really can't even express how grateful I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you!   ~Diana Kurtts



Jennifer was one of my Master Coaches during the Martha Beck Life Coach Training last year, and she coached me during the Meet and Greet in front of more than 100 other coaches-in-training. I trusted her completely to keep me safe in this very vulnerable and public setting (and I’m by nature pretty private). It was a deeply transformative experience, and I wanted to follow up with her personally to continue this deep work.

I love Jennifer for the depth of understanding and compassion she brings to her interactions as a person, a coach and horse lover. No matter how hard you think it is going to be, and what ideas you have about certain very personal work, she is like a warm brush of air, like the comfort of a horse’s breath on your body, like the gentle touch of spring sun on dormant seeds. She has an extraordinary gift of digging deep and loving deep, and getting to know her was one of the highlights of my training.

{I have recommended Jennifer to friends and colleagues, and will continue to do so.} ~ Birgit Weskamp


I hired Jennifer when I saw her short video on a coaching site – I knew she was real and that I wanted to work with her. I’m so glad I did. She met me where I was, and she pushed me to expand; but she did not judge me when I resisted. She challenged me to do exercises that were way out of my comfort zone – and that’s where I learned the most.

Working with Jennifer has shown me that I can give myself the freedom to choose what is best for me and not put everyone else’s needs ahead of my own. She was so very patient with me when I needed it, but kicked my butt when I needed it, too!

Jennifer is a very talented and compassionate coach who uses her talents and life experience to help others to find their truth and expand on it. She is why I’m doing the work I do today. Jennifer rocks!!! ~ Anne Marie Rowe


I taught my first online class in partnership with Jennifer, and I cannot imagine a better experience. She led by example - always willing to explain or answer questions, while respecting what I brought to the partnership and the program. Her background gives her a strong and unique blend of business skills and deep insight into individuals and groups. She gets her point across with compassion, sensitivity and humor, and she is honest, upfront, curious…a great communicator!

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Jennifer in any capacity – I’ve had the privilege of teaching with her and being taught by her, and I can honestly say that I would follow her anywhere. ~ Christa Gallopoulos


Jennifer is the most authentic, inspiring, loving person and awesome life coach!

She is fun and to-the-point, and I got lightning-fast results that helped me move forward in my own self-discovery - and in my business.

Jennifer has helped me continue my understanding of the Mind/Body connection. It was transformative to tune into my body compass and listen to what the sensations are telling me – truly life changing! In addition to all that, she has helped me start and build my business.

I would absolutely recommend Jennifer to anyone that wants to connect to their authentic self, enriching their lives in the process. ~ Desiree P.


I Love Jennifer Voss! I trust her, knowing I can be safe just being myself. She has even helped me see that things I’ve always thought were faults of mine might actually be secret strengths.

Jennifer has helped me break through the fear messages that tend to block me, working with me where I am, yet showing me the way to get where I want to be. She has the intuitive ability to wisely and lovingly guide me through my resistance and ‘decoy fear’ so that I continue to make progress in the areas of my life that are important to me.

Since working with Jennifer, I’ve put in place an accountability structure that keeps me moving towards my goals, including writing my book! I would recommend working with Jennifer to anyone who wants trustworthy, supportive, gentle, safe, and professional guidance. ~ Theresa Waller


I sensed Jennifer would be the coach I would work with when I first met her at a conference; and after our first session, I knew that she and I could do great work together.

What I like most about Jennifer is that she makes suggestions that make me think and questions assumptions I wasn’t even aware I was making – all with grace and love! Since working with Jennifer I have new compassion for myself, and I’ve learned to listen to my intuition and creativity, which has helped me get more satisfaction in my job and lose 25 lbs!

I would absolutely recommend working with Jennifer! She has the loving energy and the down-to-earth tools to help with any issue. ~ Laurie Hannon


At my first Martha Beck Life Coach Training class, I heard this loving, playful southern voice. Jennifer was Martha’s assistant on the phone for this class. The first thing I wrote in my notebook was the word “Jennifer” – my body compass was saying “Yes! Go this way.”

Jennifer offered a profoundly spiritual and playful approach to diffusing the believability of my painful, limiting beliefs. She also helped me with practical suggestions as I begin my individual coaching practice and group classes. These suggestions are helping my practice grow. The money I invested in my work with Jennifer is producing a huge return in terms of peace per dollar and earning capacity per dollar.

I no longer believe that I need to resolve all my personal growing edges before I can be of service. The work with Jennifer is helping me poke holes in my doubts – doubts in life, in the divine, and in myself as a coach.

You know how you look back in life with appreciation for a few great helpers and mentors in your life? I would hang up the phone after our sessions and quietly say out loud, “Wow.” ~ Judy O'Neill


 Photo Credit:  Ellen Yale Photography