Put It Down.

Put It Down.

December 23, 2011

I’m not a fan of church stewardship campaigns.  I’m especially not fond of guest speakers delivering testimonies for the purpose of raising funds over raising faith.

A few weeks ago, though, I was pleasantly surprised, when I realized words were coming at me worth listening to.  I caught my breath and scribbled notes on the bulletin's white space as the speaker elegantly mentioned, almost as an after-thought:

"People carry around things we were never made to carry."

As it landed on me, I naturally considered:

What am I still carrying around in my own life that I was never made to carry?

Physically ~ Mentally ~ Financially ~ Emotionally ~ Spiritually

I happily give myself lots of credit for all I have already put down. Still, there are always places where I can lighten my load.  It then dawned on me that the Truth Experience is not about the art of getting more done, meeting more goals, or even experiencing more things.

The Truth Experience begins by putting things down:

  • Old stories that no longer serve who I am today and where I am going
  • Stuff hanging around that creates opportunity to dust rather than play
  • Errands that drain pleasure faster than a Hummer burns fuel
  • Rule books that shackle me down vs. flexible structure that allows me to fly

In order to clear space for Truth.
Open space for play.
Create space for rest.
And in the stillness of that space,
Hear God and master the language of Grace.

That language comes with a keen eye for discernment.  When putting stuff down, we will inevitably choose to pick something up to fill the space that has just been cleared.  The ability of “intentional choice” becomes a gift and we begin thriving in "proaction" toward what calls our soul in the moment. (Proaction is a word in my vocabulary, by the way.)

One of my brilliant clients thought about extending this wish to someone the other day: “With all love and respect, and valuing your contribution to the team, I invite you to consider letting this go.”

Whatever “this” is, I agree!
Whatever you carry that you were never made to carry,
Put it down. Hand it over. Let it go.

  • Open your car windows and picture it flying out the passenger side disappearing in your rear view mirror.
  • Let it wash down the shower drain.
  • Write the story and then burn it, in ceremony, to honor the past and celebrate the space you’ve created for the future.
  • Wrap it up in a pretty mental bow and hold it up to God to transform it into good and return it to its rightful owner.

That last one puts a whole new spin on “re-gifting” doesn't it?  My hunch is that this is what the Christmas season is really all about.

What are you carrying around that you weren’t made to carry?
Give yourself a gift this year.

Put it down.
Grace will gather it up for you and clear the way.

In Truth & With Love,




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dana December 24, 2011 at 1:38 am

Love this post, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing-


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