“To Be”-longings ~ Part 2

“To Be”-longings ~ Part 2

November 12, 2011

To choose to be living in this space of what I want creates freedom.
To choose not to be creates resistance.

To be or not to be all of me,
Had become my question.

Do I conform to rules and chain myself to the “normal” way to make money, design my career, lose weight, or live life?

Or do I listen to my soul which guides me to create work out of play, revel in the awe and love of my family and friends, ditch structures that no longer serve, and be kind to my brilliant body that adjusts intuitively to support all of this activity?

You know the answer.
And so do I.

I choose plan "Be."

More and more often these days,
I find myself creating a magical life,
Thriving outside with nature, with friends
Where I feel fully alive.

What if we all create a career around serving the choice to be rather than conforming?
What if we choose dreams, healing, and love always over scarcity and fear?
What if we give ourselves what we long to receive?
What if we stand in our truth and never settle or adapt to something that doesn't allow us to grow?

Perhaps it truly is as simple as "To be or not to be."
And if that's how simple it is:

Why not stand in Truth?
Why not create magic for yourself and others?

Why not dare to believe that God is with you?
Right there. He's got your back.

Down this path, vulnerability never wins.  Fear doesn't stand a chance.

What if we choose to be love?
What if we always choose in the moment,
The option that feels the most like love for ourselves,
That becomes the reflection of love for others.
Choosing love is selfless.

Choosing to live life as love out loud is Divine.

To be or not to be all of me,
Had become my question,
Until, it led me to my answer.

Just be.

In Truth & With Love,




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