Truth #27 – Waves

Truth #27 – Waves

April 18, 2012

A beautiful soul wrote this to me:

"I want to live with love, from a place of love, first and foremost, love for myself.  I want to know and feel the love around me and not die untouched by the love around me.  I want to speak to my mother from a place of love, but take care of the little girl inside me that no one ever took up for when she was young.  I want to be so in-tune with myself that I know what I am feeling when I am uncomfortable, and I don't have to go outside and cut the grass to be able to figure out what I am feeling. I want to do the work, I want assignments and books to read.  I want more!"

But she was a little scared.

Scared? Why?

"I think I have always been afraid to make waves."

How can living in a place of love create waves?

I heard her.
I knew what she meant.

Later that day the following appeared in my journal.


Truth and Waves
They ripple wildly and softly

Depending on the spiritual height of those they crash upon.
Spiritually grounded and tall, waves wash up on their feet like calming ripples of song.
Ungrounded and small, waves rattle, swallow, sweeping them up by beauty and leaving them breathless.

Stay grounded.
Stand tall.
Make waves.
Relish in the calm still place within the wave rising and then flowing outward.

Love is a wave.
It cannot be sent out into the world without a ripple.
It washes whatever it touches.
Leaving some vulnerable and afraid,
Some clean and free

Love anyway.

In Truth & With Love,




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Allison Evans April 18, 2012 at 10:58 pm

Oh, Jennifer. I love this. Thank you!


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