Truth Experience #448

Truth Experience #448

February 15, 2014

The one where I caught a glimpse of what a functional community looks like.

Byron Katie teaches that there are, ultimately, only three types of business in this world:  Mine, Yours, and God's.  She also teaches that much of our stress comes from mentally living in some place other than our own business.*

I agree.

And I have also witnessed great power within community when the three types of business overlap in a functional way.  When we come together, with healthy boundaries and a mutual desire to do good (from supporting someone when she is down—to healing an entire ecosystem), magic happens.






















My prayer for you is that you feel God in your business from time to time.  (I, of course, have no idea what that looks like, because that would be your business.  I just pray that you feel something as wonderful to you as my faith feels to me.)

I also pray that you (and I) choose to share space more often than not where functional team work and magic happens.

In Truth & With Love,





* If you are not familiar with Byron Katie or her view on the three kinds of business, you can read about it here.  Scroll to page 7 of her little book and start with "Staying in Your Own Business."  (I actually recommend the whole little book if you have time!)

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