Truth Experience #517

Truth Experience #517

May 16, 2014

The one where I rethink how "paths cross" and get a tattoo surprise for Mother's Day.

My daughter, Alex, is graduating from high school tomorrow.  She will be moving 300 miles away in August.  Our paths, in essence, will diverge a bit.

Which led me to think about "paths" and what connections we create in life when our "paths cross."

Doodles Cross Paths

Most people we cross paths with in life look like this:

* We pass on the street, exchange a smile, and brighten each other's day.
* We sit next to each other on a flight and share a story.
* We went on that blind date and it still serves as an excellent "worst date ever" story.


Doodles Parallel PathsThen there is the group of people with whom we walk the same (or close parallel) path for a while in life.

* We were next door neighbors growing up and mastered a mean rendition of Sonny & Cher's I Got You, Babe.
* We were friends in high school or college, and while Facebook has provided some connection, our lives have taken us in different directions.
* We strategized, laughed, and conquered goals together until our career paths led us to different types of work. Despite our best intentions to stay in touch, our life paths have diverged.  And, oh, how I cherished the time that we vented about some of our co-workers together.

Doodles Swirl PathsAnd then there are those precious few who come in to our life and our paths entwine in such a way that they do not ever completely untangle.

(Nor do we ever want them to.)

* We were best friends (the true BFF kind).  While we may only see each other every five years, we catch up in an instant with a laugh and a hug.
* We were married 23 years ago, have two kids and all of the history that we've created together.
* We are a sub-set of the "Team," on the same mission, part of a chosen family, who have been drawn together to help change the world.

Within these relationships, there is freedom to move.  We can come together in the center (a home of sorts) and still, while never losing the sense of connection, have our own space.  Even if we travel apart, we never forget the way home.

One bond—the mother/child one—is even tighter and more woven than this.  The swirl image is still the same.  Yet, in my mind, the paths don't start out by converging into the center and "crossing" there.  The child's path begins in the center.

Which brings me back to Alex's graduation.  Our paths over the past years, have been a dance of moving away from and then back to the center.  As it should, the physical distance between us will increase and the time in the center will lessen.  Yet, energetically, we will always be connected in that space where her path began.

I hope she knows that I will always be here.  She can always come home.

In Truth & With Love,

ps - What exactly does this have to do with a tattoo?

IMG_1430Alex knew about this image and decided to surprise me for Mother's Day.

She wanted me to know that she will always have the roadmap to find her way back home.

While I am not particularly a fan of her getting a tattoo without permission, that child is one smart cookie.


pps - In reflection, there is another unique relationship that begins in the center.  Twins.


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Paula September 18, 2014 at 9:50 pm

My website is a work in progress! I wanted to comment on the “twins” relationship that begins in the center! I am a twin who had twins. My sister and I are fraternal twins and my sons are identical. What I can say is….there is no other person that knows you like your twin. You’ve shared every experience together growing up, from birth on! Eventually my sister and I grew much closer after I stopped being so rebellious, however I know now how much we always loved each other even if it didn’t look that way when we were younger. We are differnt in many ways but one thing is certain: if we need each other, we are a heartbeat away! My sons were always best friends! They eventually went to different colleges, but they are ascloseasthis. I loved witnessing their bond. On basketball teams they always passed to each other ( some might call it ball hogs, but I called it love) and just worked so well together on every level! Thanks for the space to comment! I hope to one day soon, take an equus lesson! :-)))


Jennifer Jennifer September 20, 2014 at 2:56 am

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Paula! It sounds like you have a very special family. I hope to meet you one day soon! 🙂


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