The Truth Experience is...

an evolution of mystical proportions if you dive in and have the courage to stay.

It is where magic happens and dreams come true.
Not in the Disney way.  (The teacups make me nauseated.)
In the way that resonates with the kind of adventure we want to take through life.

It is walking with one foot grounded in the human world and another grounded in faith.
You can create whatever you really, really, really want from the core of Truth.
Call it a calling or a dream or a fantasy—if you can imagine it, it is possible.

You just have to want to see the path and believe it is in front of you.
That path leads us through our Truth Experiences.

And it Feels Like Freedom.

It follows a simple formula really:

Know Your Truth.
This is usually just removing the BS that has been piled up against it.  You either Consciously See it for the first time… or Actively Remember what it is.

Be Your Truth.
An Inside Job. Embrace it, be afraid of it, love it, but for Heaven’s sake no more stuffing it down.

Invite Your Truth to Play.
Meaning you introduce your Truth to your world and invite others to play. Come out of the closet with it—whatever “it” is—and bring it to life.

Recalibrate When Needed.
While much of Truth is constant, the circumstances surrounding our Truth is ever-changing.  Recalibration also means you get to do new things.  That’s the fun side of change.

The Typical Truth Experience is an adventure for our whole being.

The practice I use to navigate the Experience is rooted in compassion, proven coaching methods, and my belief that anything is possible when you connect with your higher power and invite your Truth out to Play.

And that means what, exactly?
You wake up. You reconnect. You create your life on your terms.

Sometimes it involves taking leaps. Sometimes it means staying right where you are and dumping the mental and/or habitual garbage that is making “right where you are” unsavory.

In either case, you gain emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. Your stress levels drop. You align your work with your values rather than the other way around.  Your "to-do list" becomes more like a "ta-da list" because you choose how to play out your day.

It’s a very powerful place and it begins when you allow a single tap root to ground into your Truth, touch your soul and set you free.

How do I know?
I'm living it. And so can you.

Things always change. Things would be changing right now if your father were alive, Edgar. That's just life. You can fight it or you accept it. The only difference is, if you accept it, you can get to do other things. If you fight it, you're stuck in the same spot forever.

~ David Wroblewski, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

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Photo Credit:  Erin Cutshall