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  • After only 20 minutes in the ring with Jennifer, I experienced what it meant to completely uncork my true nature. It was the first time in my life I ever knowingly had that feeling of being the true me and it was one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced. Jennifer skillfully led me to the primary liming belief that blocks me, “I am too much.” Then, in a matter of minutes, she helped me to let go of the thought. The word that appeared in the ring, “uncorked,” has become the entire foundation for the brand of my business. Prior to this experience, Jennifer helped me to lay a lot of the groundwork for this incredible awakening to occur, and the uncorking all happened in about 20 minutes. Jennifer is an amazing, soulful, expert coach, and I give her my highest endorsement.” -
    Allyson Scammell
    Master Certified Coach, EFT Practitioner, and Intuitive Consultant
  • I sensed Jennifer would be the coach I would work with when I first met her at a conference; and after our first session, I knew that she and I could do great work together. What I like most about Jennifer is that she makes suggestions that make me think and questions assumptions I wasn’t even aware I was making – all with grace and love! Since working with Jennifer I have new compassion for myself, and I’ve learned to listen to my intuition and creativity, which has helped me get more satisfaction in my job and lose 25 lbs! I would absolutely recommend working with Jennifer! She has the loving energy and the down-to-earth tools to help with any issue.
    Laurie Hannon
  • Jennifer offered a profoundly spiritual and playful approach to diffusing the believability of my painful, limiting beliefs. She also helped me with practical suggestions that are helping my practice grow. The money I invested in my work with Jennifer is producing a huge return in terms of peace per dollar and earning capacity per dollar. I no longer believe that I need to resolve all my personal growing edges before I can be of service. You know how you look back in life with appreciation for a few great helpers and mentors in your life? I would hang up the phone after our sessions and quietly say out loud, “Wow.”
  • Thank you for every part of Saturday. I wanted to come home to me, and I left feeling that I had. What I had not expected, though, was to feel like my life is mine again. I can see it, feel it, and believe in a future that embodies my heart and my soul. That is allowing me to be at work in an authentic way because I know there is more beyond what I am doing now. The fact that a big portion of my vision was laid out in front of me in living color was a total, affirming, woo woo becomes reality bonus. Thank you from every cell of my body and heart, Jennifer. I look forward to seeing you again!
    Tracy C.
  • There are few experiences in life that can truly be described as transformational, but for me this is one of them. I put off doing this equus workshop for a long time because I didn't have a real reason to do it or to justify the expense, but I am thankful I gave this gift to myself and thankful to Jennifer for creating it.
    Akiba Smith-Francis
  • Thank you for being a touchstone for me. You are such a wise soul. Your strength and gentleness are such a fabulous combination. I feel so appreciative that you are in my life.
    Jennifer A.
  • I am working with a home health company and I love it. Most of our patients are special needs children and their families or the older folks just needing personal care. When I am finally able to fit the right nurse or aide with the right family and I have the family thank me, it is so worth it!!! All the things you told me are true and money doesn't make you happy, but what is in your heart does. I cannot ever thank you enough and feel so lucky to call you my friend.
    Former Corporate World Co-Worker
  • Hi Jennifer - I attended your workshop back in October. I was the blond young woman trying to figure out who I am and where I wanted to go. I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for everything you did for me during those couple of days. I truly feel that I have rediscovered the person I am supposed to be, and I'm structuring my life in a way to keep that person around. The two sessions I had with you truly changed the course of my life. My heart is open and I can feel the pieces fall into place WITHOUT me forcing them!! Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, and know that your impact on all of us will ripple far into the future.
    Equus Coaching Workshop Client
  • Every time I get off the phone with you, I am in a much better place.